13 Years of Swades


From Anaarkali To Sulu: 2017 Was The Year Of Strong, Fearless Women In Bollywood

The dark clouds of patriarchy have shadowed the Indian culture for centuries. It has taken a considerable amount of struggle to get rid of evil practices like sati and purdah; and it will probably take a considerable amount of struggle to get rid of dowry, female infanticide, objectification of women, rapes, assaults, etc. They say that cinema is... Continue Reading →

Champaran Talkies And NeoBihar Show How Bihar Is Much More Than Lagawelu Tu Lipistick

Once upon a time, the Bhojpuri Folklore had a dignified place in the vibrant cultural landscape of India. The likes of Padmashri Sharda Sinha and Manoj Bhavuk have contributed towards enriching this folklore in the past. Sadly, today where even commercial, main stream Bollywood uses Bihari characters for their “swag”; the Bhojpuri industry has mostly,... Continue Reading →

How Do You Make It As Big As Big B? Abhishek Bachchan’s Deeply Inspiring Struggle

The lives of celebrities are not easy. Fame, money and attention come at the cost of privacy and public scrutiny. People often think that star kids have it easy in the industry (well, the nepotism debate is never-ending, isn’t it?). Yes, it is true that networking and reaching out to people become easier when you... Continue Reading →

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