The inspiration!!

Real payback is when I get such feedback from my students 🙂


I’m inspired from many people, but the one who is always in a thought that how can I turn my students to a great human a great media professional is none other than Ms. Surabhi Pandey she is a kind of personality that you will always give respect to. U ll never think to disregard her or disobey her.Because her techniques of handling the students is just awesome and invincible,she keeps herself so calm and composed with the students like us.She discussed her life history with a sight of thought that we will learn from her and live our life in a more pleased manner.She has worked with the biggest media house in the entire country that is Doordarshan.She tells us about every aspect of life.She gives so important advice that we all are searching for but unable to ak from someone. That’s why I respect her so much .I…

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